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  Dutch Uncles, Suspire, Captain and the Kings, Young Spooks live at King Tuts in Glasgow

Payday truly does bring out the worst in me. As, I suppose, does eBay. So, needing to shift my focus to a less addictive hobby, I slipped on my running shoes and didn’t stop until I got to King Tuts, where the Dutch Uncles were topping the bill. Dutch. Always makes me think of Kylie Minogue.
It seemed to be an off-night for the Young Spooks. But then, it must be hard to play to a single-figure crowd. In truth, it was nothing bad, but those who have seen this Edinburgh “socialist art collective” before will have been disappointed by this showing. Yes, the distorted guitars and manic vocals were still there, but sorely lacking was any source of energy in the room. Young Spooks thrive on putting on a show and tonight they just didn’t get the opportunity. Still an act to watch out for though.
It was quite the family affair with Captain & the Kings. Showing no imminent signs of dysfunction, this quintet were at apparent ease onstage playing an innocent set of folk-rock with just enough Glaswegian intonation to qualify for distinction. They’re no strangers to one another and in due time I’m sure they’ll make regular acquaintance with the Glasgow folk scene.
Suspire are no strangers to the Glasgow music scene. Proving hard to fault as a group - drummer Clare’s enthusiasm was particularly impressive - this act would seem to have the right attitude to music in Glasgow. On this showing, they also have the songs to accompany said outlook. In recent years, the definition of indie music has been corrupted but this band remain true to its DIY ethic. Worth checking out.
Last came the Dutch Uncles, who finally got a reaction from an otherwise stand-offish crowd. Duncan Wallis proved to be a charming frontman, leading the band through a set of jagged guitar-pop that brought to mind the seemingly dormant Franz Ferdinand. Ultimately, this act got people on their feet which is easier said than done these days. A good showing from a band destined for bigger venues.
Time to go. The devil has booked me a taxi. Still a safer option than the 62 bus.

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