Live Reviews

  Caitlin Rose, The Treetop Flyers live at Stereo in Glasgow

You can’t keep a good dog down, right? Sure, but ply him with liquor and he’ll become a good deal less active. Having learned this the hard way all through the week, it was nice to scamper down the stairs of Stereo to catch a show by Caitlin Rose.
Support came from several well-dressed Londoners who made up the Treetop Flyers. Taking your first bow in Glasgow is never going to be easy but this folksy troupe won their audience over with a set that, although one-paced, never fell short of compelling. This was in no small part down to some delightful harmonies and generally honest delivery. Not untrue to their name, it almost seemed correct that they should be surrounded by autumnal foliage. If somebody books them to play a gig outdoors, I’d like to be the first to know.

Belying both her youth and lack of familiarity with the audience, Nashville’s Caitlin Rose really seemed to hit it off with her Glasgow crowd. But then, only the truly ignorant could speak afoul of such a lovely performance. In what was seemingly a case of “young head, old heart,” Ms Rose sang songs of love, loss and liquor with an atavistic nod towards the great country singers of times before. Despite this, the 22 year-old remained delightfully cute with her patter between songs and only because of the venue curfew was Ms Rose forced to end her performance. You could easily be forgiven for wishing to have her onstage all night long.
And so a good night ends. Time to invent a drink that combines alcohol and carrots. Might solve the age-old problem of double-vision. Goodnight.

Review Date: March 11 2011