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  Upbeat Beatdown live at Stereo in Glasgow

It’s been a year since I first saw The Upbeat Beatdown take the stage in Stereo and they were fantastic. Their short set of happy and enthusiastic songs showed exactly why the audience waited to see them. This occasion would be no different.

A year later and the five-piece blasted once more through a wonderful set of harmony filled, hook-laden songs which came with added maturity as the year’s rehearsing and writing only improved their presence. What was impressive was that the band were able to come across as more professional without losing the thing that makes them stand out amongst others on the unsigned circuit. Fun.

The rhythm section held the set together extremely well and let the others dance their way through a thoroughly enjoyable show. Stuart Edwardson was the star of the show last year and proved that some things never change with another blistering performance. Finally massive praise to Fraser Lindsay and Craig Edwardson who put together more memorable lyrics in a single verse than most bands do in an entire set.

With a second support slot confirmed with Electric 6 on November 24th 2011 this band have every reason to be upbeat as,with a little more hard work, it won’t be long before the right people beat down doors to sign them up.

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