Live Reviews

  Mummy Short Arms, Hot Water Ponies, The Hallions live at The 13th Note in Glasgow

Can you discriminate against kebabs? It’s an odd question to ask, I’ll grant you that. Maybe it is a stress thing but all I could think of was how much I preferred a chicken kebab to a donner kebab. Donner kebabs have rights too, or so I am led to believe, and I wouldn’t like to be accused of discriminating against a particular kebab on grounds of colour or seasoning.

Anyway, that first Guinness had become history and The Hallions have hit the stage.  You know that they are going to have names like Pete or Panda by the sheer balls to the wall post southern rock impact that they generate. It ain't clever, it ain’t smart but it wears a hat and knows how to wrap up a riff and send it flying into the room. The Hallions are it.

Time for the return of the tufty club (it’s to do with road safety, Googlers) as something needs to be done to warn people about the dangers of crossing the road when there is a band coming toward you at speed for showing scant regard for limits tonight were Hot Water Ponies.  Rough round the edges they indeed were but there was an undeniable magic to singer Sarah Brown’s stage presence and you’ll not find me standing in judgement over a band that has a song called “Pets With Tourettes”.  An alt-rock collision with bunny rabbit destiny you might well say and I just did.

One more to go and they go by the name of Mummy Short Arms. Imagine if you will, a rhythm section – and there were seven of them, after all, so you can have a rhythm section – that possessed an almost Germanic precision yet played something akin to left of centre west coast folk rock only fronted by a wild at heart front man churning out rants that probably would only make sense in an alternative universe.  Mummy Short Arms dare to be different and carry it off with not inconsiderable style.

They say it’s all over but I say it has only just begun and I’ll be having salad and sauce on that too.

Review Date: April 2 2011