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  Larkin Poe, Adam Klein live at The Ferry in Glasgow

To some, it’s a pastime. Others consider it a half-assed form of employment. However, the really good ones will consider music a passion. Take for instance Rebecca and Megan Lovell, who work under the collective title of Larkin Poe. Playing in Scotland for the first time can be a daunting prospect for some but these talented siblings had no problem in wowing their audience.

Adam Klein (of Athens, GA) began the evening with a set of highly entertaining murder ballads and songs that otherwise exhibited his keen grasp for lyrical profundity. Klein has a voice that, although seemingly unspectacular, he uses to powerful effect, as if to tickle one’s ears for not paying attention. Clearly a cultured individual, Klein’s songwriting is nonetheless deep-rooted in the sort of honest observations that Dylan took too many plaudits for. Adam Klein is worth looking out for.
Playing to a small crowd is bad enough. Playing to a small and largely aged crowd is worse yet. However, the girls (and boys) of Larkin Poe should be commended for the enthusiasm they showed in powering on with their set. Drawing largely from their 2010 EP releases (one for each season, as it was) and material recorded by The Lovell Sisters, this was a showcase of fine music from two sisters who clearly didn’t need a push to make them jump.

A cover of Massive Attack’s “Tear Drop” worked terrifically well (though I doubt many of the fourteen-strong crowd would have known it well), and the general standard on instrumentation was sublime. Rebecca – who handles vocals in the main – alternated between guitar and mandolin, while Megan impressed on both dobro and lap-steel. What was perhaps most impressive was the sheer joy that the girls seemed to exude while onstage. Lesser persons would’ve legged it to a better town with a bigger crowd. So, those in attendance should be thankful. Glasgow will have a good deal of apologising to do in times to come.

So, a good night and a rotten crowd. Unfortunate, yes, but Larkin Poe nonetheless appear to be the kind of band who will achieve greatness by their own genius. Goodnight.

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