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  Agnes Obel, Jo Mango live at The Captain's Rest in Glasgow

There has to be a logical solution to Sunday nights. It is still the weekend but you know that in but a few hours the man will be cracking the whip as he watches you metamorphose once more into a wage slave. But now is now and Jo Mango and Agnes Obel are playing in the Captain’s Rest.

Jo Mango is a name known to me even if I couldn’t recall ever seeing her before. That turned out to be a pretty serious omission on my part as she proved to be remarkably endearing with her high and exquisitely winsome voice turning each of her songs into little bedsit epics. Once bitten and twice even thrice convinced, Jo Mango was quite simply adorable.

After a she must have gone for a curry length break, the main event took to the stage. With people actually sitting on the manky floor, it was clear that the assembled masses had come to worship Agnes Obel.  Ably assisted by Anne Müller – practically a one woman band in herself when I think about it – Ms Obel  managed to be both thoughtful and understated with both facets much to the delight of the audience and songs like “Riverside” and “Just So” soon found friendly ears.  If you wanted to be dramatic, you could say that a spell was cast and all fell under her influence. I certainly can’t remember a gig in recent times where the audience paid such close attention.

Anyway, time had passed and, without the benefit of the crime fighting Bluesmobile tonight, it was unfortunately time for a mid set departure.  That’s why I don’t buy lottery tickets.

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