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  Core, Hiroshima Blackout, Hypermusic live at The Soundhaus in Glasgow

Where would we be without imagination? The answer, sadly, is The Soundhaus. Beyond the outdated and irritating sign-up process on entry is a music hall in desperate need of refurbishment. I maintain that it could be put to better use as a mock-up of a WWII bunker. Thankfully, some Dundonian rockers made the visit considerably less painful. Who’d have guessed?

Hypermusic were first up. Playing music that was largely not their own, they nonetheless delivered a convincing performance. Versions of Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out” and Green Day’s “Basket Case” attracted particular attention. Hopefully this quartet will soon establish themselves through their own material. Otherwise, every weekend will be spent making overweight people jiggle in the local pub. They can do better, surely.
In fact, they could probably learn quite a bit from Hiroshima Blackout. Evoking thoughts of Anti-Flag (albeit less obnoxious), this act tore through a set of politically-charged punk rock that wasn’t nearly as angry as you might’ve expected. Despite a lazy showing from the audience, this act exhibited a keenness and enthusiasm so rarely seen in modern bands. A good performance from one of the West of Scotland’s more “believable” punk rock acts.
Last on were Core. Presumably overjoyed at escaping Dundee for the night, this power-trio threw down a set of aggressive metal that finally drew a reaction from the crowd. If you can imagine Therapy? or Machine Head being sentenced to life in Dundee, they’d probably sound like Core. The fact that a busload of fans made the trip to Glasgow tells its own story. This band kick ass; they have fans. Find out for yourself at one of their shows.
The bar is closed and the gig is over. Saturday, with its Eurovision song contest and reality television filth, rears its ugly head. Human hibernation suddenly doesn’t seem all that absurd.

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