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  For Abel, Hot Water Ponies live at Stereo in Glasgow

Apparently the going rate for a kiss is £2. That's what I learned on the streets of Glasgow tonight. Fortunately, it costs nothing to run away so run away I did to the relative safety of the basement at Stereo neatly sidestepping the proliferation of lentil eaters upstairs on the way.

Hot Water Ponies were on stage. Purveyors of bouncy songs with twisted lyrics, they seemed a much more polished outfit than when they were last encountered. In fact, they seemed almost normal this time around with the two guitarists pumping out post Postcard guitar pop riffs in practised synchronicity. Well, they seemed normal until the singer announced that she had forgotten her robot cat. Remarkably, no one in the room had a spare one.

For Abel were on next to promote the launch of their album "Greater Inventions".  I'll not waste words upon the songs as what was more impressive was the way they stood together as a unit despite the obvious problems that the guitarist was having. As mistake after embarrassing mistake racked up – and even after the guitarist could no longer stand up – his band mates stoically continued the set. That kind of solid commitment is truly worthy of comment.

Another night over although, at only 10pm, it had technically only just begun.

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