Live Reviews

  Dixie Beaver, Sidonie McKenna, Jeremy Mason live at The Ship in Glasgow

Here's one for you. How many singer songwriters from New Zealand would you expect to see in Glasgow in a week? The answer, for those of you who aren't googling where in the world you might find New Zealand, is two, for tonight Jeremy Mason joined that select group who have relocated themselves to Glasgow.

He certainly has adapted to Glasgow picking up all the habits of the indigenous acoustic singer songwriter. His songs acknowledge folk music as an influence but instead of reflecting on things long past he looks inside himself and pulls out words of unrelenting seriousness. There is a bright side to life but he chooses not to patronise that part of town.

Altogether brighter, and something of a surprise, was Sidonie McKenna. Whilst young and clearly a stranger to the acoustic circuit, she pulled something unusual out of the bag with a spirited and imaginative rendition of her own songs that easily outshone her choice of covers. Her fondness for power ballads notwithstanding, she was positively refreshing.

Now to Dixie Beaver. To tell the truth, with a name like that I had been hoping for a couple of check shirt wearing west enders for some easy target practice but instead Dixie Beaver turned out to be guy/girl combo transfixed with country music and precision Nashville style harmonies. Whether that country train was running at full speed or slowing down for the station, they had the ticket that should take all the way to the weekend where they belong.
Another day.  Another dollar. Another review. Another kebab. God indeed has a plan.

Review Date: May 19 2011