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  Echo-bass, The Black Lights, Sound Over Silence, Placid Trip live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

A little known fact is that I control the elements. However, my control is such that I can never work it to my advantage. So, having caused the weather to turn ugly (by being in a non-miserable state), I ventured down to Pivo Pivo to give my ears a check-up.
The Black Lights are perhaps a rung or two above your average heavy rock act. Why? Quite simply, they rock without consideration. A fellow rabbit could’ve stormed the stage only to be bludgeoned by a killer guitar riff. James McCulloch on vocals didn’t look to be the vegetarian type either. If you’re a rocking maniac, go see The Black Lights.
Despite early signs that the frontman may be a distant relative of a Funeral For A Friend fan, I’m pleased to report that Sound Over Silence also impressed the inner maniac. Unsurprisingly, their appeal is born from Paul Thomson’s excellent guitar work. Don’t be fooled by the slower songs, either. This band know how to play.

It’s a great name so I’d hope that Placid Trip continue to gain experience in the Scottish music war fields. While at times seeming rather disjointed, I came to realise that there’s a Mr Bungle-like charm to the irregular drumming and wailing guitar. As soon as these guys decide where they stand, they’ll be even better.
Last came Echo-Bass. The combination of aggressive rapping and extreme music has been given its fair share of abuse in recent years, so it was rather pleasing to hear a band who provoked a crowd to jump around instead of causing them to dress in stupid fashions. The obvious comparison would be to Rage Against The Machine. Certainly, frontman Pol Romano’s onstage behaviour was akin to that of a boxer. Not sure exactly who the opponent was but it’s a safe guess that he won by knockout. Loud, heavy and unrelenting, this act have a winning formula. Go, see!

And there you have it. Four bands who make me wish I was sixteen again. Good luck to them. These days I’ll settle for my position as master of the elements.

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