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  The Moons, Figure 5 live at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow

Sunshine in June is wonderful; considerably less so, though, when you’re confined to a dark room. Thankfully, musical relief was on offer. The Moons entertained an eventually decent crowd at Ivory Blacks. Dark room…The Moons…makes sense, doesn’t it?

Figure 5 opened the gig. Drawing heavily on influence from 1960s pop sounds, this act were more than adept at stirring up enthusiasm in the crowd. Bringing 60s pop sounds (with a hint of mariachi flair?) up to date is no easy affair but these guys appear to whoop it up. As mainstays of the Glasgow music scene you’d expect no less,but Figure 5 are of one of the few Glasgow bands with a pulse. Go and see them.
The Moons are in the midst of blazing a trail across Britain, and tonight it was Glasgow’s turn to revel in their sound. With a sound that owed as much to the Kinks as it did to The Animals, the many retro enthusiasts in the crowd were overjoyed as they tore through a thoroughly engaging set. Andy Crofts proved to be the main man, but this group, replete with distant “Mod” attitude, exhibited some terrific moments of music as a group. Mothers may come to dislike this band when their children start wearing moptops and clamdiggers but their appeal is absolute, stretching way beyond mere atavistic charm. Well worth seeing.
Were it not for the collective want of people to roll around in the mud all weekend, I reckon we’d have had a much larger crowd. Shame, but anyone who attended can attest to how smoothly the night ran. Until next time, goodnight.

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