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  Federation of the Disco Pimp live at The Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow

“Efficient” is a nice word to be able to use. Unfortunately, I doubt I could use it sincerely when considering the arrangements that preceded Craig Charles’s visit to Glasgow. The one-time Red Dwarf star had no problem in making his crowd perspire through dancing but most that stood in the bar – which doubled as a queuing area – were given an unwanted head start.
Support came from Federation of the Disco Pimp who may well be heading for superhero status in Glasgow music. Proving to be quite relentless in their funk-laden frenzy, they delivered a set that triggered an assortment of reactions from a delightfully cultured crowd. Some smiled, some laughed, some danced, some were too shy to dance and others just stood back and absorbed the musical ingenuity. No matter what poise or mindset one adopted, all would agree that it was an irresistible performance from arguably the best band in Glasgow right now. Catch them if you can.
It may not be known to some that Craig Charles is now a popular DJ. Those who are interested can find his Funk & Soul show on BBC 6 Music. For the record, the surprisingly diminutive Mr Charles was an amusing onstage presence, while his choice of music was well received by adoring fans. Critiquing DJ sets is rather foreign to me, but this set told me that Craig Charles is a man of excellent taste.
Even if, like most of us, you don’t think you can dance, Federation of the Disco Pimp will tell you otherwise. Some may not even realise they’re doing so. That’s powerful music.

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