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  Media Whores, Sintonic, Some Boy and the Post-Orgasmic Sunshine Band live at The Bay in Glasgow

It’s Saturday night; the one night of the week when people seem to flock to the pubs and see live music. Do they listen? Not always but tonight seemed more encouraging than usual. I caught the Media Whores, Sintonic and (wait for it!) Some Boy and the Post-Orgasmic Sunshine Band. Nearly ran out of ink on that one.
Assuming I noted the name correctly, Some Boy was joined by a whole host of musicians (including two drummers) who somehow managed to fit onto the stage. In doing so, Some Boy allowed himself a great deal of freedom in terms of vocal expression. Certainly, it was a compelling (and unexpected) performance from a band who must only be in their infancy as a collective. Go, see, get aroused?

Sintonic were perhaps unfortunate in that their thrash metal leanings did not quite sit pretty with a rather indifferent crowd. No doubting their musical credentials but they would probably have been better suited to a support slot at the Classic Grand, Ivory Blacks or the Cathouse.
Then came The Media Whores. Having brought many of those in attendance, the band were keen to impress – and did not let down. Playing mostly from their recent “Starfishing” release, this quartet know the game well and their set will have won them yet more fans. This perhaps wasn’t the ideal venue for them, but further gigging should ensure that they can no longer fit in such venues.
A couple of factors led to me failing to catch the final act. No badness here, but illness. That’s what I get for not drinking during the show.

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