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  Tragic O'Hara, Colin Hunter, Craig Ralston live at B.A.A.D. in Glasgow

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So the voices in my head are giving me instructions again. Try somewhere new. Go somewhere you've never been. Take a walk on the wild side. Take a walk along the Gallowgate past the sort of pubs where wearing the colour blue qualifies you for a free and gratis near death experience. Stop and ask the bouncers at the Barrowlands where in Townes Van Zandt's name is B.A.A.D. They eventually stop laughing and give me directions. As I walk up the deserted side street I notice that I have acquired a rather obvious police escort…

In the middle of somewhere is B.A.A.D. which turns out to be the Barras Art & Design Centre but you probably knew that already. On first, and duly setting the standard for the night, was Craig Ralston who you may well remember as singer with the criminally talented band Majestic Dandelion. Even on his own, his star shines brightly and his talent easily blasted its way through the murky sound.

Did I mention that the room was purple? Not sure exactly how relevant that was to anything but it seemed important to mention it. Anyway, next up was Colin Hunter. Again, this was one man and his guitar only this time not, how shall I put it, overburdened with talent. I reckon he had the cold which would explain why his voice only occasionally found itself in the same key as his guitar. Mind you, that would not explain his cringeworthy banter. In the good old days, Glasgow audiences used to eat acts like this alive. This audience didn't even seem to notice that Colin Hunter was there
Sticking with the one man and a guitar theme, next on was Tragic O'Hara. Despite playing into an abyss and being temporarily derailed by the sight of an old guy rolling about on the floor, it was soon obvious that the Tragic one had some fire in his belly and an R.L. Burnside song or two on his iPod. Gaining further credibility points for ripping "Son Of A Preacher Man" into pieces and doing a bit of convincing slide guitar, he could be the new bluesman in a blue suit and as ZZ Top once put it "…every girl is crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man". He's on the righteous path.

Time to escape back into the darkness and count the kebab shops on Gallowgate. That's why God gave us two hands.

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