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  Holy Esque, Blindfolds, Kill Surrrf live at The Captain's Rest in Glasgow

holy esque

Why isn’t it snowing? It is December so it should be snowing. Or raining at the very least but it isn’t. Personally I blame the blatant commercialism of Christmas although global warming is a more likely culprit. Talking of global warming, it nonetheless seemed appropriate to venture into the basement of the Captain’s Rest and see if the excess heat was, in fact, being generated by Holy Esque, Blindfolds or Kill Surrrf.

Kill Surrrf wouldn’t be accused of destroying the ozone layer anyway as their brand of indie boys discovering sun and surf then rocking it like it was ten years ago seemed destined to keep them under cloud cover. Mind you, they are from Coatbridge which is one of those places where the sun most certainly does not shine. Temba, at rest!

Blindfolds did prove capable of generating real heat with a set that exuded the kind of attitude and primal energy that you would have expected of band tearing up a New York basement in 1975. With a guitarist that knew there was more to sounding dirty than having the right FX pedal and a wrapped in torment singer, Blindfolds squeezed all the hard hitting bluesy goodness that they could out of the post rock genre.  Sokath, his eyes uncovered!

Keeping things going until the final curtain were the, apparently hotly tipped by many, Holy Esque.  Again, post rock seemed to be the game only this time it was played with near shoegaze intensity to provide the power for the band’s near relentless drone missile. Underneath the murk however, you could sense that promise lived and breathed.  Kadir beneath Mo Moteh!

Time to go. Time to ponder the weather once more and definitely time to stop padding out these words with Star Trek references.

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