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  Dave Aitken, Lital Ami, Diana Schad live at Linen 1906 in Glasgow

Linen 1906

I tot I taw a puddy tat. I tot I taw a puddy tat in a tree. There was no cat in the tree, of course, nor were there any custard coloured cartoon characters anywhere in the vicinity. You might be interested however, and then again you might not, that the vicinity turned out to be Shawlands and I was just having a Hanna Barbera moment. Anyway, enough of the word padding asides as it was time to go onwards and upwards to Linen 1906 for a Southside Session.

Marie Antoinette knew a thing or two about cake and she would surely have approved of Diana Schad. Ms Schad and her keyboard sounded like they shared piano bar cool for breakfast, heartfelt lyrics for lunch and cultured eloquence for dinner. Had I had been on the drink then she would have driven me straight to the high markup cocktails.

Talking of drink, another high strength musical beverage took to the stage next. With a voice that easily overpowered her guitar, Lital Ami’s spirited performance suggested that she was destined more for a future with a Scandinavian melodic metal band than the quiet obscurity of the acoustic stage. You read it here first.

Then there was Dave Aitken. Admittedly his name meant nothing to me even though he was, or perhaps still is, a member of a band called Choke (another blank, I’m afraid). He sat himself down and rocked through an acoustic reinvention of, presumably, his bombastic rock songs and that was that.

Let’s end this with a contest. Name the song time: it goes “two out of three ain’t bad”. Answers on a postcard etc. etc.

That's all folks!

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