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  The Mathletics Team, Rubashov live at The Flying Duck in Glasgow

Friday nights are not to be spent in libraries. In an attempt to remind myself of this, I took a walk into Glasgow. Upon falling down a flight of stairs, I found myself in The Flying Duck. Music, then! The Mathletics Team and Rubashov provided the entertainment.

You could probably learn a good deal about Russian politics by reading up on Rubashov, but catching a performance from this Glasgow act may prove to be an altogether more enjoyable experience. Taking apparent influence from American punk rock, the band impressed as much with their musicianship as they did with their jerky patter. Importantly, they understood that punk rock should not be treated as an overly serious affair, and seemed to enjoy the position of power they had while onstage. Good show.

Counting a viking and a luchador – and a girl! - amidst their ranks, The Mathletics Team are an altogether strange gaggle of musicians. But then, “strange” should not be understood to have negative connotations in this case. Combining elements of metal with big band perversions may, in some circles, be frowned upon, but this group do it with style. Weird and wonderful!
And so it ended. A good night that even plastic tumblers could not spoil. Up the stairs I fell.

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