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  Tut Vu Vu, Smack Wizards, Einstein Cross live at Mono in Glasgow

 mono in Glasgow

It’s not even raining but it is still time to spin up the FTL drive as faster than light is the way to go if you are to find the time to expand your musical horizons. Missing a black hole by a country centimetre,  Captain Kebab and his Dalek Rappers found themselves at Mono and they weren’t even playing there.

Playing there however were Einstein Cross. Naming your band after a gravitationally lensed, probably cheese flavoured, quasar no doubt indicates a musical direction, and Einstein Cross – all three of them seated on stage in their beneficence – unsurprisingly practised extended discordant dissonance. As their sonic rhythms escaped into the galaxy, one must wonder if, at some time in the commercialised wormhole future, Captain Toilet Burger of the United Federation of Lavatories will detect a kindred spirit on his sensors and will therefore come visit this humble planet.  Einstein Cross will thus have caused first contact and the universe will become the oyster of mankind. Natch.

Whilst we ponder the simple truth that Man invented useful things like wheels, we must also remember that Man also invented now essential things like beer. With beer suitably absorbed, the concept of Smack Wizards seemed positively logical. Take all available remnants of Scottish indie guitar pop and reassemble them – somewhat randomly – into something equivalent but not quite equal to a song and you would have their ethos. In simple terms, Smack Wizards rawk. But obliquely.

Headline act time. Tut Vu Vu are, were and always will be experimental. Like some chemical fuelled mishmash of Lalo Schifrin, dub and, dare I say it, jazz they spun a multi instrumental interstellar mystery that, in its fusion of influences, could power your intergalactic battle cruiser all the way from here to Alpha Centauri. Not a word spoken or sung either, so the answer, my friend, was truly in the offbeat groove and it was more than enough to make a Dalek dance. A proper dance like a waltz too and definitely not a Billy Ray Cyrus inspired line dance. There is a time to worship and that time was then. Or now if you were there. Which you probably weren’t.

Time to invent the trans-warp drive. Or it will be after some more beer. And some chicken pakora. Natch.

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