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  Sonic Hearts Foundation live at The Glasgow Art Club in Glasgow

sonic hearts foundation

The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want for opportunities to learn new things. Things like there is a magazine called Trout & Salmon whose mere existence tells us that our aquatic friends have conquered the problem of soggy paper and that they are sufficiently affluent to justify having their own glossy periodical. Enlightenment is what you make of it.

Anyway, lit in monochromatic blue and obscured by smoke were Sonic Hearts Foundation. With the grim determination of those afflicted with shoegaze symbiosis, these four knights of the downbeat aligned themselves in a tactical quadrangle that seemed designed to ensure that no audience could intervene in their sonic advancement. A well thought out plan indeed but for the determined knave of the beard on a mission to ensnare the heart of another through inconsequential dance. It was soon abundantly clear however that reverb powered drone and romance would make for strange bedfellows. Oh melody, rhapsody and harmony wherefore art thy sweetness now?

By the way, the future’s so bright I gotta eat carrots. You should too.

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