Live Reviews

  Suicide State, Dog Moon Howl, Constant Fear, Third Rail live at The Vale in Glasgow

Hibernation was fun, but this Bluesbunny just couldn’t resist a visit to The Vale. While alcohol was a priority, it soon became apparent that music would also feature in the evening. Dutch crust punks Suicide State headlined a largely fast-paced bill.

Third Rail played first, in what was apparently their first live gig – not that you’d have known it from their well-rehearsed punk-tinged set. Indeed, it was refreshing to see a band who actually looked like they wanted to be on the stage. Having such a cute lass as a frontwoman should cause them no problems, either.
The bluesy stoner rock of Dog Moon Howl came next. Think of classic power trios such as Blue Cheer and you’ll get the picture. As a known bluesman, it was interesting to see Craig Hughes apply his talents to the electric guitar – and no one was disappointed.
Punk’s not dead, it’s just a little older than it used to be! Constant Fear have been around for a while now, but their performances show that they have little intention to slow down. A decent performance from a top act. Great to see.

Suicide State hail from Holland and play a positively abrasive form of punk rock with evident anarchist inclinations. Barely pausing for breath, this act were in perpetual motion as they thrashed away at their instruments. Their enthusiasm was infectious, and I got the impression that they’ll be back in the UK again before long.
If Tennent’s made Friday night…wait, that doesn’t work.

Review Date: May 25 2012