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  Wet Wet Wet live at Glasgow Green in Glasgow

Devastating as it was, The Blitz really put Clydebank on the map. Thankfully, many great people have since emerged from the one-time bombsite, including the lads from Wet Wet Wet. Through the kindness of a friend, I found myself subject to immense reefer fumes at Glasgow Green, where the band celebrated their 25th anniversary in style.

Understandably, the crowd were hanging on Marti Pellow’s every word. Even if they couldn’t quite understand what he was saying, they responded with rapturous applause. And why not? The band were in great form, proving that pop music need not be anodyne or built on numbers. The decision to include a brass section was wise. A cover of “Jammin’” by Bob Marley was a dangerous move, but the band caught it sweetly.
An acoustic period followed, and the audience seemed to tune out somewhat. Even on such a pleasant summer’s night, Glasgow Green isn’t the best place for amplified acoustics. That being said, “With A Little Help From My Friends” was a terrific sing-a-long. Better yet, no idiot noise statute interrupted the show!

Eventually, the full band returned and gave “Wets” fans a host of classics, including “Sweet Little Mystery” and “Lip Service” – the latter coming after some woman turned to my friend and declared “ah want lip service!” Well, one way or another, she got it.
As expected, the set ended on “Love Is All Around,” which acted as a point of climax for several thousand housewives. By this point, the band had been for for nearly two-and-a-half hours, which is an admirable duration for any band these days.

So, it was an enjoyable evening. The band were in top form, and my friend and I scored a tactical victory by drinking before and after – but not during – the gig. Had we not drank all night, the hangover would’ve been gentle.

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