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  The Mathletics Team, Freddie Why, Deadly Inscription live at The Classic Grand in Glasgow

On Friday nights in Glasgow, it’s always wise to take cover, whether in a coffee shop, bar or perhaps even a police station if you’re feeling stupid. It’s a shitty town, sometimes, but at least there’s music to drown out the bad world. This past Friday, I found myself catching three out of five bands at the Classic Grand. My apologies to the other two, but time was a factor.

Freddie Why are a young quartet from Ayrshire. Despite this affliction, they made it to Glasgow and gave a good account of themselves. With a predilection for upbeat melody, the band will struggle to do wrong. Particularly memorable was their cover of “Twist And Shout” (“Shake it up, baby!”), a song that is probably older than all of the band members combined. They probably won a few fans tonight; they certainly deserved to.
Deadly Inscription are a Glasgow-based band, who threw down a hardcore metal onslaught. A friend indicated that their frontman resembled Ron Weasley, but this similarity was (thankfully!) only skin deep. While not quite fitting the bill, their set will still have left everyone in attendance with a slightly bruised asscheek. Whether this came in the form of a musical kicking or musical spanking is open to debate, but what is certain is that these guys know the game. Heavy. Shouty. Qwality!

The Mathletics Team have been kicking about for a couple of years now, and they only seem to improve with time. This renegade troupe of comic book heroes and mad scientists are not your average alt-rock band. For one thing, they’re actually worth listening to. Rock ‘n’ roll is best enjoyed with tongue in cheek. These guys (and girl!) don’t take themselves too seriously, and why should they when they’re this good? Go out and see them. They don’t disappoint.

At this, it was time to catch the train and go home. Sometimes it’s good to flee the city centre before the day zombies turn to night zombies and lose all control of their bowels.

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