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  The Boscos, The Matheletics Team, Rough Feedback, We Found Out live at The ABC2 in Glasgow

After several months of hibernating in an odd smelling library, this Bluesbunny had to come out and play. In a bid to remind myself of what bad lager tastes like, I took myself to the ABC2, where The Boscos topped the bill.

First on were Rough Feedback. Consisting of a guitarist and drummer only, this fearless duo gave the crowd a reminder of why garage rock sometimes never gets further than the toolshed. I mean, they were likeable enough, but a little creativity – like a kazoo player – would really expand their sound.

Beamed down from space, The Mathletics Team were next. Proving to be as much an intergalactic boot camp as a psychotic rock act – complete with horns – this eight-piece cavalcade did well to really engage with an almost entirely passive audience. If they can read this, they did well.

We Found Out came on next. Despite hailing from Troon, they didn’t really remind us so much of the beach as of a Disney Channel house band, if there ever was such a thing. For such a youthful act, this lot really seem to know what they want to do. On tonight’s evidence, they also have a fan base. Good luck to them!

Last on were The Boscos, who seemed really apologetic, which is unfair because they really weren’t bad at all. I do sometimes cringe when I see a band so consumed by their influences (usually Joy Division or the Stone Roses) that they cannot see their own potential. However, this is usually just a teething period, and I’m sure that The Boscos will grow into something altogether more palatable in the near future. They have an EP coming out shortly, so watch out.

All being well with the world, I ran to the State Bar to find a proper pint. It’s amazing what one good pint can do.

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