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  The Primevals, The Reverse Cowgirls, The Liberty Takers live at Stereo in Glasgow

This is so much better than worrying about the nature of time or, indeed, just how many episodes of Doctor Who you have to watch before you figure out whether you really need a watch at all. Yes, my little hamsters, Glasgow was once more the no mean city on the edge of forever and The Primevals were once again sleazing up a basement in the Glasgow guitar and attitude blues style.

First to get caught in the time vortex, however, were The Liberty Takers. Fresh from the rehearsal room, these four east coasters made the most of their visit to civilisation by resurrecting the sixties British r ‘n’ b sound and decanting it unmolested into each and every one of their songs. That is, as we aficionados of time travelling say, one way of doing it.

Making better use of all that excess tachyon energy were the Reverse Cowgirls. Apparently fresh from a  tour of Bishopbriggs (go on, Google it and be disappointed for it is not exactly the kingdom of Heaven), they also ploughed the furrows of the British r ‘n’ b boom period past with a downright solid set based on not entirely democratically elected decisions on tempo. Nevertheless, what was was and what will be will be. Even with the reverb turned right up.

So there they were, The Primevals in all their rejuvenated glory. That’s the thing about the stage. It can be a portal to the past and it can be the sole way of reliving what once was. Come to think of it, I don’t even remember the Primevals first time around but that is hardly the point. Revving things up, The Primevals soon worked their white boys with guitars floor shaking magic on an audience of what seemed to be made up entirely of their contemporaries and, while time might well have passed, the ability to raise the roof had not deserted this band. Or maybe time had just decided to stand still for just one night and let those nostalgic times return to the tune of deserved applause and encore.

With just enough vodka left to slingshot round the distinctly blonde sun, it was time to return to the time of now safe in the knowledge that the rewind button never seems to break.

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