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  Skeleton Verse, The Mathletics Team, Splintered Halo live at Box in Glasgow

Having emerged from a lengthy hibernation (or an alcoholic haze as nanny staters might put it), this Bluesbunny found himself keen on some live music again. Loud live music. My big, massive ears took me to Box, where ICW – a wrestling company – were putting on a music show. Has there ever been a bunny-themed wrestler? Probably not.

Splintered Halo were on first. There’s no denying the allure of frontwoman Evelyn, but to merely drool over her appearance would’ve been hugely ignorant. Evelyn didn’t so much sing as she did shout, but it made sense. The band – anonymous – were tight in their delivery of a modern metal attack on the eardrums. There’s one obvious reason why people will have enjoyed this band, but the music was pretty good as well.

In many ways, The Mathletics Team are the perfect band for the hard-rockin’ wrasslin’ fan. Firstly, they’re superheroes. The fact that they get about – the bassist ended at least two songs on Sauchiehall Street and the guitarists patrolled the venue with menace – is highly amusing. On a very basic level, you could dance to them and sing-a-long. With glowsticks. Not your average superhero ensemble…

The heavy-hitting Skeleton Verse followed them. Bands who combine rap with metal (with the exception of Body Count) generally get a bad reputation without earning it. Unfair, isn’t it? When you consider the reaction they triggered during and after each song, it’s safe to say that they must be doing something right. Recommended!

 All being well and my belly being full of rabbit-beer, I hopped home at this point. I’d like to think that an over-the-top-rope battle royale took place after I left. Unless someone tells me otherwise, I’ll believe that to be true.

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