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  The Toi, The Apparells, Carly McLaughlin, Ravena, Myles Leggatt live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

These days, Wednesday nights are usually reserved for five-a-side football – or, if you don’t believe that, Wednesday night football in the pub – but this Wednesday was different. The Toi were playing at a Southside Wannabees fundraiser for the Southern General Hospital at Pivo Pivo. Pivo Pivo, in case you don’t know, is a place of beer…
The Apparells were on first. Music by numbers isn’t so trendy these days, so these guys deserve some credit for paying no attention to public opinion. Creativity didn’t seem to be their strong point, but a capable rhythm section should guarantee them more gigs in the future.

Carly McLaughlin followed. One girl, one guitar and a respectful hush from the audience. For the most part, Carly entertained the crowd with songs by other people that, while not particularly exciting, gave a nonetheless pleasant feel to the venue.

Ravena were next. Despite a watery alt-rock sound that left every song sounding like a forced apology to an ex-girlfriend, the band put on a good show. There’s no questioning the choirboy-gone-astray quality frontman Noel’s voice. I mean, it’s not tough, but it’s not bad. The rest of their band worked well to create a wall of sound that was both loud and sensitive. I wouldn’t be surprised - and I’m sure that they’d be thrilled – if their following was largely female.

Then it was Adieu, Raven(n)a! as Myles Leggatt took to the stage. While clearly attentive to and appreciative of his craft, I was left to wonder if a backing band would take some of the pressure off the young man. In the meantime, though, performances such as this will continue to win him friends and (eventually) fans.

Last on were The Toi, who were probably born with Van Halen CDs in their hands. Far from being a handicap, this shared irregularity of birth seems to have driven this trio towards filtering the gold from a ridiculous musical era and disposing of the waste. On this evidence, they have a bright future.

And that was that. It was time to go home and wonder why Glasgow rabbits are so fond of carrot-laced kebab meat.

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