Live Reviews

  Efterklang, Anna von Hausswolff live at The Arches in Glasgow

 “I am curious yellow” said the voice in my head “pray tell me the significance of what I am hearing seeing and absorbing”. “Oh voice in my head”, I answered, “ what you are hearing is the music of the angel that will write the song they play when the world ends and that voice that sits atop the orchestrated melancholy, that weaponised voice, is that of said angel  Anna von Hausswolff”. And so it was that the  focused musical energy  of Anna von Hausswolff and her band - with euphoria inducing subsonic rib rattling vibrations and a guitarist that threw light as well as sound in to the mix  - drew on Bach and krautrock to induce nothing less than an epiphany. The darkness is the light.

By comparison the polished and polite headliners Efterklang seemed more of a confection designed for the educated with the deeper concepts underpinning their electro pop influences giving a more manufactured meaning and purpose to their songs as if the deity Morrissey had given this worthless world his only son and made him grow up in Denmark. There would be no point in stating the obvious but, just this once, let it be said that a band like this would dominate the ever growing festival market.  They are that likeable.

The door opens.  The voice in my head says that there is still time to seek salvation. Or more beer.

Review Date: April 20 2013