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  Cut, Tragic City Thieves live at Bloc in Glasgow

Nice weather in Glasgow? What next – religious harmony? In order to fully appreciate the beauty of a warm Tuesday night, I sought refuge in Bloc, where I managed to catch live performances from Italian rockers CUT and Glasgow’s own Tragic City Thieves. My sincere apologies to The Brutes, who I didn’t manage to see due to outside issues.

CUT hail from Bologna, but you’re much more likely to mistake them for the sons of early 1970s Detroit – or failing that, followers of the Pixies (frontman Ferruccio bears a reasonable resemblance to Frank Black). Despite being strangers in this Godless city, these guys brought a set of exciting punk energy and offered irrefutable evidence that music is good for the world. Can’t help but wonder if they tried the haggis pakora down the road…

The party continued with the Tragic City Thieves, who did the glam punk thing without being sloppy or obnoxious. Their sound is more graveyard than frat party, and this is meant in the best possible way. The infectious hooks and jabbing riffs and sing-a-long choruses are still there; it’s just a bit darker. You might say that they’re the sort of band you’d want to see at a Turbojugend rally, if such a thing existed. Maybe it’s time to rally the troops…

Time to go. Dreams of carrot pakora continue to haunt this wandering rabbit. Will these dreams one day come true? The quest continues.

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