Live Reviews

  The Dirt, Jim Dead live at The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow

Summer is here! We know this because the temperature improves slightly and doctors start calling it “hayfever” instead of “a cold.” My illness took me to The Old Hairdressers, where I had been advised that local murder balladeers The Dirt would be holding a séance…or perhaps even a concert.

The evening began in solemn fashion with a set from Jim Dead. Mr Dead (to give him a title) doesn’t really sing happy songs. In fact, on tonight’s showing, one might liken him to a ghost from Springsteen’s ‘Nebraska’ album, lamenting his past life and (more importantly) his being banished to Glasgow for his sins. Heavy listening at times, but very good.
The Dirt began their set with a song about Peter Manuel. Not the most conventional way to endear yourself to an audience, but it seemed to work. After all, the joy of this band’s music is to be found in its beguiling nature. You find yourself at ease as Graeme strums the guitar and Jen sings, but soon the music stops and the voices continue. “Built This Church” is not a song to sing to your significant other, but it is undeniably catchy. Better to sing it than you pick up where Dennis Nilsen left off, right?

Serial killers, folk ghosts and a few pints of beer. Glasgow can be a fantastically interesting place if you’re willing to upset yourself occasionally.

Review Date: June 28 2013