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  The Media Whores and Hello Creepy Spider live at King Tuts in Glasgow

Saturday nights only come by once a week – sometimes less if you happen to work a lot – so it’s important to make good use of them. Deciding that I must do this myself or risk total humour failure, I hauled myself along to King Tuts, where pop-punk returnees Nerve were headlining.

First up were Hello Creepy Spider, two guys from Glasgow who may well have set out to prove that three is, musically speaking at least, a crowd. Given their simple, energetic and good-humoured set, I’d be inclined to agree. Let the musos worry about jazz chords, unusual time signals and suchlike. If you want to drink, dance and have a good time, Hello Creepy Spider are probably a band you should looking for.

Next were Scottish punk ‘n’ roll The Media Whores. Playing mainly from their new album, “Pornophonica”, these guys were in no mood for anything but a good time onstage – and they delivered. “Affluenza” and Burlesque Bones” (which was complimented by a striptease act by the lovely Scarlett Flame) were particular highlights, while a closing dig at Iain Duncan Smith also went down nicely. It’s nice to hear a band who can be (vaguely) political without being devoid of humour. Thankfully, these guys know the score and how to play it well. Always worth seeing.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I never got to see Nerve.

There we have it. A great night of music in a once great venue. More of that, please (and later buses and trains would be nice as well…)

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