Live Reviews

  The Colony, Erin Bennett, Emilio Largo and Kapil Seshasayee live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

They say there ain’t no pity in the naked city but there is, however, no shortage of stories to be told. So, before the words on the music of The Colony, Erin Bennett, Emilio Largo and Kapil Seshasayee commence, let me tell you of Theodore and Lara. Lara, as you might imagine, is an example of hypnotic femininity and Theodore purports to be a stuffed cat but is, in fact, inhabited by the spirit of some medieval demon.  Look therefore upon the wonders of Lara and you will feel his wrath and, yeah and verily, he shall despatch his hooked on wild berry Skittles daughters of doom to wreak havoc on your somewhat tenuous grasp on reality.

It was a relief, almost, to be distracted by Kapil Seshasayee who seemed determined to cause you to question the necessity for melody, harmony and a sympathetic drum machine as his set unfolded with all the compacted carnage of a bus doing the Saturday night run to Baillieston.

In comparison, Emilio Largo were positively methodical and their rolling, but never fumbling, musical direction took them right up to the edge of math rock with an unmistakeable mix of poise and authority. Perhaps too complex to appeal to the tastes of everyman, this was nonetheless a band that could not fail to impress a critic.

Fifteen minutes later, the similarly poised but rather more commercial Erin Bennett took to the stage with her band and, true to her deeper and darker experiences in the music industry, she had awoken her demons and forced them to write songs that might even find themselves on what used to be called radio. Her words have more of a message than most and that is no bad thing.

 The Colony were a whole different kettle of fish and their near satirical take on the macho posturing so beloved of many a hard rock band provided a timely counterpoint to the focused feminism of Erin Bennett. That said, this was a band that could still kick up a storm and it would not be hard to imagine them playing the stadium at the end of their street sometime soon.

Another story told and yet Theodore the cat demon is still after me. Never talk to strange women if you want to survive the night.

Review Date: May 27 2014