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  Son Lux and Sun Glitters live at Broadcast in Glasgow

I think that God must hate some people. She makes them work in charitable organisations or in the media. She makes them carry a manbag everywhere or, in the case of the women who have somehow offended Her, she permanently denies them access to really nice shoes. Why this talk of God’s will and Her mysterious ways? You can blame Son Lux for it.

But before the words on Son Lux, there are words to be written on Sun Glitters. Sun Glitters is one man in DJ mode looping until repetition ultimately overcomes any message he may wish to convey. He, of course, has his customised laptop as a companion but, with not a break between songs, that home alone aesthetic ends up not in entertainment but instead in self-indulgence.

Son Lux, however, was a thinking man’s musician with no fear of complexity or experimentation evident in his remarkably precise but simultaneously spiritual set. His musical creations take the constituent ingredients of classical music and infuse them with modern day, genetically sequenced seasonings to produce something that can easily be regarded as innovative whilst still being very much the work of trained and talented musicians. It is therefore simply impossible to ignore the contributions of his onstage collaborators with Rafiq Bhatia’s guitar adding jazz inflected counterpoints to the percussive precision of Ian Chang. The end result, to cut my rambling short, was nothing less than inspirational.

Applause was inevitable and deserved and, if the music of Son Lux were to be played in church, I would finally have a reason to get up early on a Sunday morning. Her ways are indeed mysterious.

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