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  Reverieme and Shambles Miller live at The 13th Note in Glasgow

It was in my mind that I could finally achieve my all time favourite Tuesday night objective and metamorphose into Dolly Parton’s guitar but the appeal of free cake was just too much and my easily corrupted soul instead sought sugar coated salvation in the company of Reverieme and Shambles Miller.

Taking refuge in the overheated and under decorated basement of the 13th Note might seem an unusual choice of sanctuary for a literate singer songwriter. Then again, Shambles Miller isn’t your average literate singer songwriter as his self-effacing and pop culture referencing set showed. You might perhaps think that Shambles Miller would be the kind of performer that would drown in his own, beard encumbered, irony but the reverse was true for Shambles Miller has found a lifebelt in his own sincerity.

Proving that there is more to do in Airdrie than shoplifting from Poundland was the collective niceness that is, and probably always will be, Reverieme. They had ukuleles. They had harmonies. They even had properly polished indie pop songs that would make any summer festival booker happier than a hamster on the wheel of love. They were the lifeboat sailing to better times through the stormy seas of musical mediocrity. Let’s face it, they were just plain nice and, if I had not already determined that they did not actually make the free cake, I would have kidnapped them and imprisoned them in my cellar as somebody would pay the ransom for them. That, my friends, would be one of the few certainties left in this culturally bankrupt life.

As the clock struck 11, reality once again subverted my nefarious intent and back I went to wishing I was Dolly Parton’s guitar. Oh sugar rush, I miss you still.

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