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  The Dropper’s Neck, Blue Nova and The Musicians of Bremen live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

There’s something special about Tuesday. Maybe it is its proximity to Wednesday or maybe it is the special significance that the day has to both serial killers and guinea pigs. Did you also know that guineau pigs are just rats in designer jackets? That’s what you learn on a Tuesday night in Pivo Pivo. Hold your head high for this is one Glasgow in one Scotland with one culture, two Pivos and three bands.

Starting off the sonic onslaught were Musicians of Bremen who made a sterling effort to be the cream in your Caffreys with a set that deconstructed the myth that rock music – whether post, alt or otherwise descendant – is about excess by reverentially engaging with the sounds of the past with nothing less than grim determination.

Blue Nova were, on the other hand, a band that those with significant beards would ponder upon over many a four percent lager. Their post rock shenanigans escaped the thrift shop intact with all things of value found there re-interpreted as power chords and near theatrical posturing. Significance is what it is and the word is duly given.

The visitors, as Englandshire is about to be a separate country, and headliners were The Dropper’s Neck. Almost too exciting for what was only a Tuesday night, this Essex band threw a sizeable chunk of unmistakeable presentational style into the stew with their rock meets metal songs and heated things up until the volume hit loud enough to induce sweat. Although most successful when avoiding the sandpapered clichés that entrap a band on proximity to things made of metal, the end result was far more interesting than anything you will find in your supermarket of choice.

With Wednesday rapidly approaching, the end of Tuesday was nothing if not inevitable. It is said that guinea pigs like Wednesdays too whilst cats, being the spawn of Satan, prefer Fridays. That’s what you learn on a Tuesday night in Pivo Pivo.

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