Live Reviews

  Junebug, Codist and Kung Fu Academy live at Nice n Sleazy in Glasgow

I try to talk to the raven but the raven has too much to say. The raven talks in riddles that draw the past into the present and the raven spins stories that would need seven thousand words written in the ink made of my own blood.  Then the raven tells me of the schoolteacher. There is clearly much more going on here than Junebug, Codist and Kung Fu Academy doing their musical thing in the basement splendour of Nice ‘n’ Sleazy. Something surreal, perhaps.

Codist had the mark of a band who epitomised what young men do when they are not doing what young men should be doing on a Saturday night in dear old Glasgow town. Their choice, of course, was to play in an indie rock band with aspirations towards the greater purity of math rock and, although their influences triumphed over their creativity, their future, as they say, is a story yet unwritten.

The schoolteacher appears beside me. She corrects my spelling and tells me I write much faster than I should. She can also make tequila disappear.

Kung Fu Academy provide a diversion. Hailing from the foreign land known as Edinburgh, they soon prove themselves to be both musical magpies and the kind of two up two down polished through practice band that seems to prosper over in the east coast. It is fair to say that they would make a worthy addition to anyone’s record collection

The schoolteacher then tells me to pay attention for Junebug are wonderful. Then she makes more tequila disappear.

Junebug waste little time in proving her right and they seamlessly segue from one potential single to another like a band on a mission to dominate the charts in some alternative universe where talent actually matters. Their relentless enthusiasm for the task in hand was welcomed with open arms by an audience who could only have been made happier if they had got the encore denied by the draconian curfew.

The raven then asked me who would save the world? Would it be Junebug, for example? If these were the days of summer then perhaps but in these darker nights I know it will be the schoolteacher for she has a heart as big as a house.

Review Date: October 25 2014