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  Sophie Rogers and Something Someone live at Stereo in Glasgow

Oh rain, why dost thou hate me so much? Is it not enough that your mere presence in this time continuum makes precipitation less natural than downright vengeful. That said, there is poetry to be found in all that makes you damp.

With that in mind, it’s not often that you get to draw John Keats into a review of music in dear old Glasgow but there it was and there it will always be slap bang right in front of me. With but the blur that accompanies wholesomeness to affect my focus, Something Someone took the concept of three and made it real whilst the force of their mellow musical infidelities in “Waltz With Me” easily evoked thoughts of the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness. The case is closed with judgement in their favour.

Hold out your hand out now and give thanks for Sophie Rogers was ready and able to follow through.  Rearming herself with three musical handguns for company, she hit the target with a selection of mainstream songs, including her single “Devil’s In The Details”, that should soon find favour with, well, the mainstream. Although sometimes unjustifiably unsure of herself, she was clearly more than capable of standing tall in the company of the likes of Jill Jackson or Greta Morgan should that be her will. Her future is so bright that she will no doubt have to wear designer shades.

The cat’s in the cradle, there’s a pickled onion in the chips and Shandon’s stout makes a more than adequate replacement for Guinness. That's enough for now. Exit stage left.

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