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  Junebug, Pariah Soul and Delgetti live at King Tuts in Glasgow

Think of a number and the number is three. Of course it is, as is the number of bands presented by King Tuts for the delectation of the assembled masses with the names of those bands being Junebug, Pariah Soul and Delgetti.

Delgetti were the kind of band that, despite their fondness for facial hair, deserved a football analogy. So here we go. With a solid defence line of first division standard drums and keyboards, Delgetti strolled casually on to the metaphorical pitch that is the King Tuts stage and, with a distinctly unsubtle attacking strategy, kicked the ball into the back of the indie rock net. The goal was scored but where, oh where, was the fashion statement? You need a fashion statement to succeed in football these days.

Next up and showing considerably more than the usual enthusiasm for old school rock were Pariah Soul and, as if also haunted by the ghosts of pub rock, they towed the musical line with both honesty and a vigorous respect for the traditions of the genre. It’s not often that you can say that about a Glasgow band – or at least not without sarcastic intent – but, tonight, Pariah Soul gruffly, but undoubtedly, tipped their hat in the right direction.

Junebug at king tuts

Providing something of a contrast were Junebug. Almost guilty of the crime of being fluffy in comparison to the other bands of the night, they successfully resurrected the concept of the three minute pop song whilst simultaneously demonstrating a sense of adventure that essentially guaranteed the avoidance of boredom. Throw in an endearing female voice upfront, a hint of eighties electro pop and some good natured Glasgow style guitar jangling and you have the kind of band destined for the immortality of the seven inch single. Junebug, bless all five of them, spun me around at 45rpm.

Think of another number. Seven it is.

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