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  The Razorbills, Looking For Lola and The Colour of Whisky live at Stereo in Glasgow

There be snow on the hills. There be snow on the rails. There be snow on the streets but, in the lightly chilled basement of Stereo, there were The Razorbills, Looking For Lola and The Colour of Whisky. There also be music in the cold world tonight.

With the redoubtable Paul Tasker on guitar, The Colour of Whisky found the poetry inherent to lullabies and, with evident dexterity, they pointed their four free spirit powered musical weapon in just that direction. It was, apparently, their first live gig but they easily demonstrated just where they were going.

Looking For Lola, blessed with the ever sweet voice of Kat Orr, sometimes seemed almost too fey to be true and, with a lightness of touch that only a cloud could normally possess, they successfully disguised the downbeat darkness of their lyrics with a coating of icing sugar and restrained charm. Counterpoint, once again, is a weapon when placed in the right hands.

The Razorbills, on the other hand, were more upfront in their efforts to impress the audience with their robust performance suggesting that they could cast a spell made of beer upon any festival audience that they might encounter. Good natured performers almost to a fault, they skirted both politics and satire on their quest to make the women present indulge in some west Texas style line dancing.  Knowledge, like money, is indeed power.

Oh sunshine, when will you visit me again?

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