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  Colleen Green, The Pooches and Breakfast Muff live at Broadcast in Glasgow

Life is one big cultural experience. I didn’t know, for example, that Iceland even made beer but knowledge is, as they say, power and the switch was thrown by Einstök white ale. The light was therefore on but the real reason for being at Broadcast was actually music and that music was to be provided by Colleen Green, The Pooches and Breakfast Muff.

Oh, Breakfast Muff! In retrospect that doesn’t sound quite sound right but, if there ever were a Glasgow band with their collective heart in the right place, it would be Breakfast Muff. Performing in a state of rotating disarray came naturally to them but that actually proved to be a part of their charm and their anarchic post punk take on the sub two minute pop song was more than enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. May their life be blessed with many goats!

Rather more polished to the point of being considered, although also local to dear old Glasgow town, American were The Pooches. Their love of mannered indie pop was never less than obvious and, with a lyrical outlook on the sadistic side of gleeful, The Pooches made the love song an easy grooving, toe tapping thing. Sheep they are not!

Colleen Green had travelled far to be here tonight and was rewarded with an audience appreciative of her talents. Wisely equipped with both a drummer and her trademark sunglasses, she brought forth and made plentiful that minimalist, sometimes downbeat sometimes upbeat, Californian beach pop sound and used it to make the world seem a better place. Dolphins on reverb are the new black!

The road once again beckons. One final thing. The Iceland that makes beer is apparently not the same as the Iceland that sells frozen pizza. Life is truly a learning experience!

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