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  Outblinker and Zyna Hel live at Stereo in Glasgow

How do you like your morning rolls? I like them crispy but that is hardly a universal choice as there are many amongst us now who both like things soft and regard the Blue Riband as the pinnacle of chocolate biscuit development. If, however, your taste in biscuits tends towards a Rocky Rugged Chocolate ten pack then it is likely that your musical appetite would have been satisfied by the combination of Zyna Hel and Outblinker.

There was substance indeed in Zyna Hel as, bathed in red light and perhaps haunted by the ghost of some eternally tormented Welsh witch, these three worshippers of shadowy electro demons exorcised all those analogue synth sounds so beloved of days gone by and blessed them with the ever ethereal voice of Elisabeth Oswell thus making the here and now both of the past and yet timeless.

Speak now, oh shaman and scribe of the substantive, of Outblinker. Formed from parts of bands that even the black cat knows nothing of, the five men of consequence wielded the axe of musicianship against the tree of mediocrity in a manner best described as extended rock remix persistence. Not for them was the poetry of words as, instead, the focused ferocity of synths, guitar and drums better served their musical purpose with the obligatory back projection of solarised images reinforcing the impression that reality had gone outside for a quick smoke leaving Outblinker in charge of the asylum. Who amongst us needs Thorazine when you could have Outblinker?

Tonight is gone and tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow is another day that will feature square sausage and brown sauce on a crispy roll. Vegetarians just don’t know what they are missing.

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