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  Something Someone, Dirty Diamond and the Gunslinger and Declan Welsh live at Broadcast in Glasgow

Look in any basement and the words will be there and so it was with Something Someone, Dirty Diamond & The Gunslinger and Declan Welsh in the subterranean entertainment hub that is Broadcast.

You can guarantee that there’s always a singer songwriter somewhere on stage in dear old Glasgow town and warming up this very stage tonight was Declan Welsh. The rain might fall outside but the proof was duly given by our Mr. Welsh that being the possessor of an acoustic guitar need not necessarily bring on a bout of depression. It might, however, bring on a song about Troon.

Then there was the case of the spaniel, the beagle and the basset hound as Dirty Diamond & The Gunslinger took to the stage. Not that they were dogs, of course, but they miraculously managed to attract some passing canines down into the basement to attend the marvels of their three man acoustic blues set and , with beards so ironic that their spiritual home could only be Byres Road, they had little difficulty getting the bark of approval.

If ever there were a band who would epitomise all that is winsome then that band would be Something Someone. As practitioners of the art of making music that was surely made of sugar and spice and all things nice, they never ran short of the kind of songs that convince not by force but by gentle persuasion. In these challenging times, that’s the kind of thing that should make us all thankful.

Let it be so.

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