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  Lucia Fontainé and Vintage Air live at The Hug and Pint in Glasgow

It must be the sunshine. There certainly wasn’t anything compelling on the telly so it must have been the sunshine that kept the punters away. That, however, was probably of little comfort to our valiant warriors Vintage Air and Lucia Fontainé as they ventured into the wide open spaces of The Hug and Pint.

Fortunately, Vintage Air didn’t appear to suffer from agoraphobia. Three strong and blessed with a trumpet, no less, they made a sterling effort to fill the empty space with their heartfelt and serene songs. Of particular note was singer Jasmine who had one of those voices destined for a greater purpose.

Ever more determined to make a memory was Lucia Fontainé. Their sound was heavily influenced by the guitar riffs of pop punk’s past and it would not have been difficult to imagine them jumping into a time machine and headlining at CBGBs back in the day. The undeniable stage presence and whisky voice of the leading Lucia were signposts to success and credit must be given to the band for performing like there was a crowd of thousands in front of them.

It’s not even dark outside. How much sunshine do we actually need?

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