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  Heart of America by Donnie Munro

Heart of America cover art

Artist: Donnie Munro
Title: Heart of America
Catalogue Number: Greentrax CDTRAX291
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

We all know who Donnie Munro is. As part of Runrig, he updated traditional Scottish music, mixed it with rock and took it out into the world to great commercial success.

No surprises then with the content or sound of this 12 track album. "Winds of our Time", "Harvest Wind" and the title track "Heart of America" would not be out of place in the Runrig songbook. Best track, however, was the jaunty but defiant "Cha Till (I Will Not Return)" but it has to be said that all the other tracks sung in Gaelic were curiously affecting too. The harmonies provided by Vivien Scotson were also noteworthy.

Given his well documented allergy to fiddles and anything parochial, BluesBunny did not think he would like this album but it proved to be a pleasant surprise. Runrig fans will not be disappointed either.
Review Date: June 21 2007