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  The Only Way Out is Through by Charlene Ava

The Only Way Out is Through cover art

Artist: Charlene Ava
Title: The Only Way Out is Through
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

To be completely honest this does take a while to grow on you, however to its credit it is one that needs to be listened to rather than just put on as background music.  There is a certain poignant timbre to Charlene's voice that really does bring these songs to life.

"Waiting For My Spaceship" which opens the album is an excellent pop-oriented song with a floating, gentle melody that immediately grabs and holds your attention.  Of the others, "Jesus Was A Lonely Man" is another real gem, while "Goodbye" and "I Need Your Love" (which has a bit of Beatles feel to it) also standout as fine examples of her singing and writing skills.

All songs are written by Charlene herself, and I suspect that they wouldn't sound anywhere near as good as they do with anyone singing them as her passionate delivery seems to instill them with a depth of meaning that would otherwise be lacking.  If you do get a copy of this CD, and we think you most certainly should, be prepared to give it a few plays to get the most from it - it will be time well spent.
Review Date: August 27 2008