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  Obvious by Dropkick

Obvious cover art

Artist: Dropkick
Title: Obvious
Catalogue Number: Taylored Records TRCD004
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

It often seems to BluesBunny that the humour has gone out of popular music. Perhaps it is the nature of big business. Offend no one and your profit margin will be safe. Happiness will cost the company money. Dropkick's album made us smile once more. In fact, more than once.

"(Because I'm Blind) I Only Have Ears for You" is the perfect example of this. You can see a record company executive having an attack of the political correctness at the title. It is, however, a genuinely amusing song. Other songs from the album such as "Question" and "Goin' Home" show a quirky lyrical sensibility that reminds BluesBunny of the work of Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook (from the legendary Squeeze should you have forgotten).

It has to be said that the Billy-Bragg-non-voice vocals take a bit of getting used to but the harmonies work and suit the material well. Falling neatly - in sonic terms anyway - into the alt-country/Americana genre, Dropkick have produced an album that does them credit. Their talent as songwriters is perhaps their greatest asset. So, we recommend that you open your ears and track this one down. If you like intelligent pop music with a country feel, then you will enjoy this album. We certainly did.
Review Date: June 21 2007