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  Daysaver by Super8

Daysaver cover art

Artist: Super8
Title: Daysaver
Catalogue Number: Chestnut Brown Records CBR001
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Sometimes you hear an album that has no gloss. It was certainly not recorded over a 6 month period in Nassau. No big name producer either. Just some guy recording his songs in an attic. Super8 is actually a singer songwriter called Trip from Dunfermline in Fife. BluesBunny knows that Dunfermline is not a very inspiring place as well. All of which makes this a remarkably good album.

So what joys have been uncovered this time? Well, Trip has a distinctive voice. Not the strongest voice ever, but distinctive. Back in the sixties he would have been Donovan. In the seventies, he would have been Marc Bolan. He would have been too good for the eighties.

"Turn Around Or" could be a lost Beatles tune. "Honey Bee" is a pure pop classic. No way could it have been written about anything other than that special woman either. Trip gets countrified on "Slow Train" to stirring effect. "Callin' Out" is loud guitar pop. "Eskimos" will have you singing along whilst you are waiting at the traffic lights of life. There is no filler on this album. It's all good. 14 tracks (well, actually 15) just waiting there for your listening enjoyment.

Packed full of pop majesty, Super8 is truly a troubadour for the 21st century. Sergeant BluesBunny says buy this album. That's an order.
Review Date: June 21 2007