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  Them Days by Elijah Aaron

Them Days cover art

Artist: Elijah Aaron
Title: Them Days
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2006

Elijah Aaron has put together a collection of some classy acoustic based pop songs for your listening pleasure.   The skillful part though is the way they have been augmented by some clever arrangements and additional instrumentation that between them have the effect of enhancing the music without ever distracting from the song (if you get what I mean).  While this approach may upset the acoustic purists, the rest of should settle down for a bit of treat.

Hard Time" is a real highlight.  Starting out with just an acoustic guitar and vocals, it adds layers of sound as it goes to eventually reach a full blown band performance and is almost Beatles like in its composition.  The best description of "Give It Soul" we could think of is 'acoustic funk' - great rhythm, great guitar, and a superb bluesy/jazzy hot saxophone solo as well.  With "Them Days" you could just imagine it blaring out from an old style valve radio, it just has a sort of old style family party feel to it, and "Adina" is a slower paced song which is lyrically rich with a deceptively catchy melody.

This album represents a refreshing approach to the acoustic pop phenomena, and at its best is certainly on a par, or better, than anything out there in chart-land.  If you want a bit more than someone just strumming a guitar this is for you - its finger pickin' good!
Review Date: June 22 2007