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  Shake Some Action by Shake Some Action

Shake Some Action cover art

Artist: Shake Some Action
Title: Shake Some Action
Catalogue Number: Satellite 451 Records SAT451-0001
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

All solid drum beats, jangling guitars and tight melodies this is a fine piece of brisk power pop.  At times coming across as a combination of the Velvet Underground meeting the Small Faces, with just a hint of Manchester's late 80's and early 90's sound thrown in, we have an intriguing combination.  And it has to be said a very satisfying one as well.

There are some cracking tracks here.  Typifying the sound of this Seattle band are "Complicated", and "Not Even Close", although it is "Damaged" that really stands out as the hook loaded highlight of the album.  Another winner is "Couldn't Help Yourself" which sounds like early Oasis - minus the irritating whine!  While with "Orange Peel" singer James Hall has taken an eerie Lou Read sounding walk on the wild side; and finally "What You Want Me To Do" has more of a rockier driven sound making it a great close to the album.

Having created this band out of the ashes of the Jeunes, former front man James Hall can be assured that on the evidence of this collection it was well worth the effort.  Power pop-tastic!

The CD is available online from <a href="">CD Baby</a>.
Review Date: June 21 2007