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  These Are Things You Already Know by Brother Big Bad

These Are Things You Already Know cover art

Artist: Brother Big Bad
Title: These Are Things You Already Know
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

The first full length album from the Minneapolis based trio is the follow up their self-titled 2005 EP.  And they have spent the intervening time well, successfully nurturing the slightly off kilter writing that creates music with a welcome extra dimension and intricateness.  The deep reverberating bass of Andy Carroll provides the backbone to the sound, and DJ Phillips provides the nifty guitar riffs while sharing the vocals with Andy; and it is all held together by the precision drumming of Marcus Bohn. 

Although "Daughter of a Debutainte" with its bluesy slide guitar is a personal favourite, the tracks with a wider, and dare we even say commercial, appeal are likely to be "Birmingham" and "Heartland".  The former is a superb bit of understated rock, while the latter has a more laid back beat that is both clever and catchy.  Of the others "This Is Home" verges on ska influenced punk; "Feel the Rumble" springs along to a thundering bass beat, and "Sandwich, Illinois" manages the strange accomplishment of being both irritating and pleasing in equal measure!   The album comes to a close with another highlight, the rhythmically infectious "What's Right".  To be honest, this may not an album that you immediately take to.  However stick with it and you will be handsomely rewarded.
Review Date: August 22 2007