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  Colors from the Future by The Jennifers

Colors from the Future cover art

Artist: The Jennifers
Title: Colors from the Future
Catalogue Number: Platter Records BP 0701
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

This Baltimore band has a John, two Joes and a Skizz however, despite their name, not a single Jennifer.  What they do have is a catchy guitar pop sound with some clever lyrics.  The style is part British invasion, and part new wave influenced pop of the type Elvis Costello used to produce at his peak.

Undoubted highlights are the opening track "Mrs Gray", about Dorian's other half and her picture-perfect looks; and "Fell in a Hole", a tribute to the Mersey Sound of the 60's and done in the style of the period, it also features the line "they shot the wrong damn Beatle" - we'll let you decide from the available choices!

However "Great War" is a bit of a 'sleeper' which you don't really appreciate until you pick up on the lyrics after a few plays - "we're going over the top boys, forget your poetry grab a shovel ".  Of the others "Oh Caroline" is another that stands out, as does the pure pop sound of "Queen of Eyes".   They certainly score more hits than misses and at their best this band are a match for anyone in the guitar pop arena.
Review Date: June 21 2007